Growing up…

synopsis: Aadhi twelve year old boy has a fight as usual with his elder brother Ravi who is also his only living family, will they get through this time?


trying my hands on young adult fiction.. its my first trial …/ inspiration: Outsiders by  S. E. Hinton


Grow up…


“No… no….no …Ra” the twelve year old was firmly shaking his head sideways, as if that would establish his refusal concrete, his thick, dark brown, silky hair now was covering his big soft eyes. He looked up at the well built, handsome, twenty four year guy who was standing across him now, hands folded to his chest.

“Yes…Yes…Yes .. Ad”, Ravi tried to keep his voice pretty rigid, so that his kid brother Aadi would stop arguing.

But there seemed to be no breakthrough, Aadhi was as stubborn as mule.

“Ra… this is not fair… how could you do this to me?” Aadhi implored.

Ravi just shrugged his shoulders…

“Think of my future…Ra… how will I face every one?,how would I go to school? ” Aadhi stomped his foot

“Can’t help you buddy” Ravi said in a nonchalant tone.

“What about Reshma,Meera,Sharon..? What if they hate me after this? Ra…” Aadhi’s voice was desperate and pathetic.

Ravi was confused now… “Who are they Ad?”

“My girl friends at school Ra” replied Aadhi throwing his arms out in a very dramatic way.

Ravi was shocked now…”huh! you have girl friends? Ad ….you just turned twelve!”

“so what… ?” Aadhi just shrugged his shoulders; his big brother was missing the bottom line.

He again continued ….

“But..But..if mom was there she would not allow this…You know, even dad would not do this to me” Aadhi  pleaded.

Ravi just shrugged his shoulders again and added in a matter of fact tone “can’t do anything about it now…mom and dad are not here… I am the only person you have now, so hard luck buddy , you are stuck with me“

Aadhi shook his head and concentrated in his toes for a while before speaking,

“you know how bad it is going to be… you know if the result is bad I might even run away from home..” Aadhi threatened.

Raavi rolled his eyes and said “It’s not going to be bad Ad… and by the way if you run away from home, it’s ok…I can manage…the home would be less messy…but still we can manage buddy, how about you? Do you have any plans to stay somewhere when you run away?”

The kid really was startled by the unexpected reply.

“ Huh… Hmm…I mean…are you okay with me running away? Won’t you feel bad?” Aadhi asked in an offended tone.

“Of course I will miss my little brother… but it’s your wish  …so what can I do about it?” Ravi kept his face straight.

As Ravi returned back to his couch, with his laptop,

“Please Ra… I don’t want this” Aadhi’s small soft voice was bit shaky now…

Ravi could sense what would follow now… an emotional black mail…  Aadhi would give his cutest innocent look … that would melt even a lion’s heart.

Yeah that would always work in favor of his kid brother, it has always been so. But this time he wouldn’t allow himself to get fooled by his crackerjack brother’s melodrama.

“Come on kid let’s keep moving… go change” saying sternly, Ravi did his best to avoid eye contact with his brother, ‘don’t look into his big eyes; he would do all the tricks he could to win ‘he warned himself.

“But Ra…” Aadhi wined…he looked up at his big brother, who kept his face straight.

“No…Go get dressed Ad” Ravi said without looking from his laptop.

“I…” Aadhi tried to convince his big brother,

But Ravi interjected and said, “No “

“But…”again the kid ventured…

“No..Go get ready right now….” Ravi’s strict voice was firm enough for Aadhi to shut up and accept his failure in the argument.

Aadhi, slouched his shoulders, sniffed a bit and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and left the room with a sigh…

Once Aadhi had left him alone, Ravi let out a big sigh of relief… “Yeah! I didn’t fall for his acts today”

Aadhi and Ravi had lost their parents few years back, since then Ravi was not only a big brother but also a parent to Aadhi. He had been doing a great job in bringing up Aadhi. Aadhi hardly missed their parents. Of course there were tough times, but they both had managed to pull themselves up in all odds. Ravi adored Aadhi, but as Aadhi was growing, it seemed pretty tough for Ravi to manage the kid. There were lots of arguments, yelling, fighting,… yet they were pretty close and cared for each other.

Aadhi was a smart kid, more matured for his age, yet at times was pretty stubborn at silly things, and Ravi was finding it hard to identify when his little brother was normal and when he would throw a tantrum over a petty stuff.

Ravi understood that he needs to grow along with the kid and he did so as well. He tried his best to help his kid brother.

Ravi was totally lost in his thoughts…

It was like after 20 minutes or so when Ravi heard small dragging footsteps nearby, he looked up at his kid brother, who was smartly dressed in a bright red t-shirt and blue jeans, looking even cuter, except for his sad, sulky facial expression.

Ravi raised his eye when he saw Aadhi holding a back pack…”what is that Ad?”

Aadhi looked at the back pack and told in a no-nonsense tone “hmm…nothing…these are my things..if in case I had to run away from home…”

Ravi tried his best not to laugh out…he knew how his kid brother was fussy at times, but he never expected him to be this hyperbole.

Ravi didn’t want to take this longer, so he stood up and said “yup good, let’s go kid”

Aadhi looked really lost in his own world; he didn’t look up at his brother until Ravi patted the young boy’s shoulder.

Without a word the little boy wore his shoes and left the apartment, followed by Ravi who locked the door and got into his parking lot, Aadhi had reached there before him and was sitting in the passenger seat. Ravi raised an eyebrow at his kid brother “like to start the car?” he questioned and jiggled the car keys.

Aadhi just shrugged and sulked into the seat.

Nope …the peace talk didn’t work; Ravi sighed and started their navy blue car.

As Ravi was beginning to drive, he just noticed his brother pulling a brown hat from his back pack and was wearing it, it was quiet over size for him and it hid half of his face.

Ravi just rolled his eyes, and asked “what’s with the hat and all?”

Aadhi was in his silent protest now, so he just ignored his brother’s question.

“Come on man… Talk to me, Ad” Ravi pleaded, hiding his smile.

Aadhi just shook his head sideways and quickly stuck his face to the window and fully turned away from Ravi.

This made Ravi grin, which his kid brother failed to notice.

“Okay…so I feel some one is really angry…Hmm” Ravi said in mock seriousness, which failed to capture the younger boy’s attention, as well, he was brooding about his misfortune.

With that Ravi buttoned up, for he knew well about Aadhi’s temper.

After a while Ravi parked his car as they reached their destination. He gave his brother a curious look who was still wearing his stupid hat.

“Ad, so here we are, don’t you want to get out?” Raavi looked at his kid brother.

Aadhi just sat in the seat and looked straight as if he was deaf.

It was not going to be easy, Ravi told himself.

He just got out of the car and came over the other side and opened the door for Aadhi, saying “your majesty…Please…would you like to step out?” Ravi spoke, and bowed in a theatrical way.

This did the trick, Aadhi was too embarrassed by the silly acts of his brother, and he just rolled his eyes and tilted his head back and hit his forehead with his hand and rushed out of the car.

Ravi gave an ear to ear grin and locked the car and followed his kid brother, finally they reached the stairs and pushed the lift button.

As they both got out of the lift, Ravi asked “Ad do you still want to wear the hat on?”

Aadhi just nodded his head glaring his elder brother, that was a firm yes and he pulled his hat even further his head.

‘Whatever’ Ravi, muttered.

He ushered Aadhi into the glass partitioned room. He could see his kid brother sulking a bit,” come on buddy…Go on…” Ravi pushed Aadhi in front.

‘I will wait here okay?’ Ravi told as Aadhi looked back at him with his lost puppy look.

Wow the kid amazes me with his last moment acts, thought Ravi to himself.

Aadhi finally went in closing the door behind him.

It seemed like a life time before his kid brother emerged from the room again, he no longer sulked, he was all cheered up and bright, he looked rather very cute with his new hair cut.

Ravi asked him with a confused looked, “whoa excuse me sir, did you see my little brother, who was supposed to be back by now, but couldn’t find him”

Aadhi giggled, and gave a friendly punch to Ravi’s hand and added” come on Ra… It’s me… don’t be such an actor”

“Oh…You…you…are my brother?” Ravi raised an eyebrow with fake shock.

Aadhi laughed out loud.

“So what happened to all those tears spilled over the hair cut, the running away from home with your back pack  …etc?” asked Ravi.

Aadhi giggled again.

“You know it was not that bad, there was this cute girl in there, after I had my hair cut, she said I looked very handsome…so it was not that bad at all” Aadhi explained with his eyes growing wider and smile spreading all over his face.

“Told you so kiddo” replied Ravi, he added “ok Ad wait here I will go pay and come”

Aadhi happily nodded and sat fiddling with his back pack.

“Thank you so much for the help, he is just too concerned about his hair… he doesn’t likes losing his girl friend’s over his new hair cut” Said Ravi as he paid the hair dresser.

“It’s no big deal, he is a cute kid, and my niece was more than happy to compliment his looks, and she loved the chocolates too” the hair dresser gave Ravi a friendly smile.

Ravi thanked her again and left.

His kid brother was seriously checking out his new hair style in the big mirrors.

Ravi smiled and said “so can we go now, Brad pit”

“Yeah sure, hope my girl friends will like it too” Aadhi spoke with concern.

Ravi couldn’t hide his smile”yup …Sure they will all be very happy about it”

“You sure? ” Aadhi asked with his huge cute eyes widening.

Ravi grinned and said” sure…100% sure Ad” he ruffled the little guys hair.

Ad yelled “no Ra…don’t spoil my hair now”

(c) Abirami.K