About me- என்னைப் பற்றி

பெயர்: அபிராமி.க      uma2

பணி : எழுத்தாளர்,ஓவியர்.

Name: Abirami.k alias Uma

Occupation: Writer, designer

I fortunately have a loving,intellectual family, they made me who iam 

My interests and writing skills [ if any 😉  ] are my genetical inheritance from the 2 legends of my family…

My grand dad Late . Akilan, the famous tamil author , his novel Vengayin maindan inspires me every time i read it.

My maternal grand dad Late . K.N.Muthaia writer,freedom fighter and a close acquaintance of Netaji , His translation Valga to Ganga has made a strong impression on my thoughts and i learnt life from this book, love it.

And I learn every day from my mom Mrs.Meenakshi and dad Mr.Akilan kannan (writer)  both inspire me a lot, especially my mom she is a mentor.

Last but not least ….there is some one who inspires me  every day and she is my best friend and cool critique ..my younger sister Karpagam 🙂

So now … moving to my interest… i love life and it  interests me a lot.

From life i have learned to sketch and write and read.

To me any art form is a depiction of observation.

We observe and we share… its communication…

so when we do it with some purpose our art gets value… communication becomes successful when it reaches out .

I first observed art through the eyes of Raja ravi varma… his paintings  at Trivandrum museum on my childhood vacation , totally amused me. Latter as i grew… i understood the amusement as inspiration.

I love to paint and do sketches… landscapes are my favorite…

My next interest is writing… i have written 17 books mostly in tamil , and now writing more in english… the subject of my books varies from philosophy,lifestyle , communication and Information technology.

I love reading books… actually reading is my passion…

As i have stated before I love all the works of Akilan my grand dad  apart from  his works.. my favorite books and authors…

  • Thomas hardy
  • John Keats
  • R.K.narayan
  • Taslima nasrin
  • Tagore
  • Mahathma gandhi
  • Jeffrey archer
  • Dan Brown ….

the list grows on and on… i have just listed v.few of my fav authors

Other hobbies of mine includes gardening,blogging,creating digital designs,badminton,learning to play veena,listening to all the good music be it carnatic,folk,old melodies,fusion,gazal,pop,blues,remixes … anything melodies inspires me.

I also enjoy watching movies, genres like family,animation,classics,suspense, romantic comedy, documentary and historical interests me.

my life’s philosophy is to be happy and enjoy and to learn and grow every moment .