Rahul Gandhi’s Intellectual meet

I was invited to the intellectual meet by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi @Taj Connemara Chennai.

there were around 130 people  from different walks of life.

journalists,writers,artist, students,professors,doctors,NGOs and film fraternities etc

the meet began a bit late and ended too early, due to Rahul’s  busy schedule.

so there was not much chance to question Mr.Gandhi. All credit goes to the film fraternity who thought their piracy problem was much important than onion price hike or eradication of corruption.

Any ways i am not sure if the young leader had answers for eradicating corruption, as for price rice he would say’ leave it to the PM ‘

the other issues discussed at the meet were…

Tasmmac  liquor shops @ Tamilnadu –  health and mental problem to the public

to a  frank question… did  he agrees that it was wrong for a government to sell liquors?

Mr.Rahul agreed that he was personally against  promoting drinking habit, but added that he wouldn’t force any one not to drink, after all it is one’s personal choice.

This argument was counter attacked by one ngo who said, the state government’s liquor shops destroys the lives of the poor and the uneducated …

The next question was about  discrimination on gays,homosexuals and trance genders…

Next question was by another NGO on selling of  fertile lands for non agricultural use…

next question was from the film producers… and it was about their own problems.. nothing of social significance.

Yet another person asked about the panchayath raj schemes – fund allotments,

another question was put up by a young lady  and two others on  the plight of  Srilankan Tamils, Mr.Gandhi promised he would take action on this issue, his answers were considerate and responsible….

Rahul Gandhi finished with that.

In his introductory note he said that, there was no link between the aam adhmi and  political system, to which we all agree, he pointed out that there is no point in just criticizing the politicians, whereas the country needs active participation from the intellectuals.

My 3 question …  ‘ what should i do to eradicate corruption?

can we get the scam money back?

What  do  you expect from us to correct corruption?

may be i would mail him about this…

Over all the young leader was positive and hopeful and he was open to views a rare aspect in today’s political scenario.


3 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi’s Intellectual meet

  1. karpagam says:

    yes ,its a pity to know that none of the social issues about corruption,price hike were not discussed in a “Intelectual meet”
    And why on earth , film people discussed about their personal issue with a social leaderwhen India is facing huge day to day problems?

  2. Sanjay says:

    Your article is interesting. Recently the Congress stalwart had said that a nation can never be built unless and until a common man is recognized and respected by the political parties. He championed the cause of aam admi– the one who had been congress’s theme since 2004 elections.

  3. Vinith says:

    It is unfortunate that the concern of the elite class and its interest do not match at all that of common man, as proved by your article that the filmmakers were more interested in piracy issue than poverty. Truly unfortunate.

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