What is revolution?

watch Kakumei a Chinese short film , which says it all.

Kakumei – meaning revolution,

is  spell bounding ,

the film is set around  a 3rd grade class room,

the teacher draws a flower and asks the pupil to draw the same …

all the kids copy the flower except for one kid, who draws a different flower- some thing thats not like the one on the board!

the teacher becomes angry and punishes the kid

the next day too the kid draws a new flower angain gets punished,

this repeats…

finally the teacher wins.. the kid draws the exact copy of the teacher’s drawing

and leaves the class…

but… what follows shocks  not only the teacher!

I loved they way the film was made…

the political aspects are delivered in such simple tone… yet so powerful

the actors are too good, especially the Chinese girl.

Kakumei is  a  endeavorer by Pierre bonnett to wards projecting the true meaning of revolution.
really an inspiring movie by exittheapple production.

You can watch the film on you tube by clicking the following link


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