Simply south

Being a south Indian is something interesting.
The food,music,lifestyle everything is kinda cool and at the same time very traditional.Simply south
Even though we have all these globalism extended into every house hold of south India, some of the basics have not changed much.
Like the morning filter coffee along with a glance through the daily paper on a swing.Simply south
Then a walk on the beach or a visit to a near by park.
One cannot miss the music season here in tamilnadu, commonly known as ‘Kutchery season’ (usually falls on the month of December).
The temples of tamilnadu also forms a main part of south Indian lifestyle.
One can see lot of locals visiting their near by temples on Friday evenings and Sundays.Simply south
The food is quiet popular here,vegetarian foods in particular are made in wide variety with a special south Indian style.
No one can resist the hot idly and sambar combination:)
Dosa is even better,not to forget the delicacies like payasam,vadai,idiyapam ….
Each district has its own kind of food pattern here.
From food lets move to the next interesting thing , the languages spoken here.
Mainly in Tamilnadu we speak Tamil,but each district’s Tamil slang is different. Chennai tamil, madurai tamil,Kongu tamil,nagarcoil tamil….
It would be a wonderful experience to hear all these Tamil when we travel around the state.Simply south
Apart from this who can miss Tamil cinema… the huge starry industry with great heroes,directors who latter turned politicians.
So in spite of the huge IT parks,satellite tvs and NRI’s
(who r missing all de fun) Tamilnadu is simply a good and special place to visit and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Simply south

  1. charu mathy says:

    heyy abirami…

    thz sumthin tat i wanted to do for a long time… somethin abot chennai… Glad tat u ve done it… 🙂

    Hats off to all Chennaites!!! cheers!!!

  2. ramesh says:

    There was a time when Tamilnadu was the state of Madras. Madras was the capital city and the gateway to south and at that time all south Indians were Madrasis.

    Madrasis were intelligent; they still are. On top of that they carried an aura of superiority. They loved their language, dress, culture and food. We liked it too.

  3. raja says:

    My mouth is watering after seeing the idli-vada plate with chutney and sambar.. Thanks for posting this.

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